On Other Websites

As well as here on the blog, you can find me at the following places:

Born Offside
I write a weekly summary of the lower league football action for BornOffside.net, and occasional pieces on other topics, on subjects ranging from the English national football team to Harry Redknapp’s management style to Sean O’Driscoll to book reviews.
The Leaky Wiki
I write satirical news stories for TheLeakyWiki.com on a range of subjects. As some of the articles rely on an understanding of American politics for example, I put up a background post on the blog, which are hopefully not too patronising.
Vital Hartlepool
I’ve written two opinion pieces on hartlepool.vitalfootball.co.uk, varied thoughts relating to Hartlepool United Football Club.
Den of Geek
I’ve just written the one piece on denofgeek.com, a site dedicated to science fiction, comics, and other geeky stuff.
If you want me to write a bit of my usual nonsense for your website, magazine or toilet wall, or want to complain about the incompetence of something I’ve written, or are a Nigerian prince looking to move his money out of the country, I can be contacted at noonebutabloghead@hotmail.co.uk or @Joe_Bloghead

Last updated 10th January 2013

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