Posts categorised under ‘Football Opinion’ are my opinion on a football subject – I’ve written for Vital Hartlepool about Hartlepool United, and write a weekly lower league round up for Born Offside.
‘Egotism’ are posts where I talk about myself.
‘Review’ posts are those in which I review a book or programme without giving away too much about what happens within the story, basically to let you know if it’s worth watching.
‘Analysis’ posts are a more overall analytical look at the programme or film – the themes used, the storytelling methods, how similar programmes have used similar ideas, so on.
These will generally include key plot-points and the climax of the story, so to be avoided if you don’t want spoilers.
‘Storytelling Geekery’ posts are those where I look at the structure of stories in quite a geeky way.
‘Comedy’ posts are those that are intended to be funny. I write for The Leaky Wiki, a spoof news site, and may get round to writing other things in time.
‘Film & Television Opinion’ are opinion pieces on specific programmes. Most of those are here at the blog, one has been on Den of Geek.
And finally, ‘Recaps’ are posts I occasionally write on a Monday, recapping everything I’d written the previous week.

Last updated 10th January 2013

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