About the Blog

I’m a wannabe writer, mainly with aspirations to write fiction, but also to write about my other interests in the meantime.
More than any other central premise, the blog is ‘about’ me – it’s a central point for my writing. Which will hopefully be a more attractive idea when I’m the world’s most famous illiterate writer. (I’m coming for you, Stephanie Meyer!)
I write about football, mainly for BornOffside, storytelling geekery (story structure, analysis, that kind of thing), write daft little things that are intended to be comedy both here and at TheLeakyWiki, and reviews of books, television and film.
If all or some of those things interest you, I’ll try and keep you entertained on a regular basis. Though if none do, this may not be the right place for you. You’re still welcome to hang around though – just keep your feet off the settee and try not to eat the dog.

Last updayed 10th January 2013

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