About Me (Really)

Okay, some of that stuff under my other ‘About Me’ section isn’t completely true.

My name is David Stringer, and I’m based in the cold north of England, where men are men, and women are also subject to circular definitions.
I’ve wanted to be a writer for longer than my memory goes back, just because I love watching, reading and telling stories.
I’ve let my writing slip in recent years, so that a lot of what I write is unfinished, and stops at a point where what I end with is incoherent, and not really much use.
I’ve been writing this blog, and in a few other places – to develop my writing skills, get into the habit of finishing things, and hopefully develop a bit of a name for myself in the process. Unfortunately, the name I was given at birth, while a fine and noble name (I come from a centuries long line of freelance reporters), it’s a name other, more successful people have already been blessed with.

So if you came here looking for the David Stringer who is one of the top reporters for Associated Press, or the kirtan singer (I’m not sure either) or the Leeds based physio, or the David Stringer who is considered one of Norwich City’s best ever players and managers, I’m not any of them.
Incidentally, wikipedia says that the last of those “practised his dribbling skills with bovine assistance”, which is a fantastic phrase.

Joe Bloghead seems to give a higher ratio of me-to-everyone-else hits, on account of it being a made-up name that no-one is actually unlucky enough to be cursed with. I’m on several sites, all either under the name Joe Bloghead or noonebutabloghead, so one of the two will find me. I’ll have the same icon as I do here on the blog.
Anything new I write will be linked to from here.

I’m a football fan, supporting Hartlepool United, with an interest in Star Trek, magical realism, Sherlock Holmes and dark comedies.
I’m trying to bring all these interests together by writing a novel in which a professional footballer, in his spare time, solves crimes with the aid of his time travelling robot sidekick. Based on a true story, of course.

Last updated 10th January 2013

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